Our History
Dicanco is a young and dynamic company, 100% Mexican owned, whose main activity is the distribution of shoes, capitalizing more than 15 years of experience in the industry from our General Director and most of his team.

2000 - 2003

Grupo Dicanco is founded because there is an opportunity to market in Mexico the important women’s shoe brand Keds, strategically distributing the product in one of the main department stores’ women’s shoe section. At that time, it was the only women’s sneakers brand in this department, thus, obtaining great results. Beginning in the year 2000, there is an ascendant trajectory in the Mexican market; highly-recognized brands are launched, and as each season passes by, new spaces are obtained among our clients by offering fashion, quality and the best products at competitive prices.

Since the results obtained were more than good, the Tommy Hilfiger brand was added to the company with product lines for women, men, and children. Grupo Dicanco manages to get the international distributor top spot in terms of sales.

2004 - 2005

Always looking forward, and with the company’s international growth in mind, the European (Spain) division is launched in 2004; first distributing the Keds line for the 2005 Spring season along another American classic, the Sperry Top-Sider. The marketing campaign for these products was coordinated and implemented in Mexico and Spain.

Grupo Dicanco opens its first store under the brand name Keds in the Punta Norte Shopping Center, this being the breakthrough moment to eventually develop its own store chain.

The marketing license for the Steve Madden brand of shoes and accessories was acquired in 2005. It was placed in the main department stores in the country, and the first Latin American store was open in the Antara shopping center (Mexico City).

Dicanco’s strength not only resides in its superb customer service level, but also in its distinction as being one of the companies that sets shoe fashion trends throughout the country.

2006 - 2008

Grupo Dicanco implements an internal restructuring in order to face the challenges of expanding its business scope and to offer a wider shoe and price variety to its clients.

In 2006, the Dicanco Products Business Unit begins operations; its focus is to cover the retail market needs, and within the next shopping seasons it manages to place itself in the main stores’ shelves by offering its own wide variety of brands, as well as licensing proposals for brands such as El Chavo del Ocho, Power Rangers and Pumas.

In the spring of 2007, Dicanco designs and launches its first own brand, Maximus, a brand targeted to women looking for the latest fashion trends at a very affordable price. Maximus completely covers the main department stores, as well as its own stores, thus obtaining great results.

By 2007, Grupo Dicanco already has 14 brands in its portfolio, managing to include Saucony, an athletic brand recognized worldwide as one of the best brands for runners and professional athletes.

Continuing its efforts at the retail level, the company begins an adventure by launching new stores. By September of 2008, it has 33 stores operating under three different concepts: Steve Madden boutiques; Dic&Co (a multi-brand store for the whole family); and CACLE (Shoe Supply Warehouse), where all company’s brands from past seasons can be found at very affordable prices.

In March of 2008, Grupo Dicanco is recognized by Expansión magazine as a “SUPER COMPANY The places where everyone wants to work” and for second year, on May, 2009, Dicanco obtained the recognition in so distinguished ranking of super companies again.

Dicanco will continually surprise its clients by offering new brands and a greater presence of its different concept stores throughout the Mexican territory.

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